Quotes, July Pt.2

Here are some quotes I’ve read or heard this month that I found especially thought-provoking. July was a busy month for reading/quote-mining:


“Ideology, by which I mean a totalizing and closed system that discounts or dismisses whatever does not ‘fit’ within it, has very little use for accurate descriptions of what is going on.”—Jean Bethke Elshtain

“We’re all born geniuses, but something in the process of living de-geniuses us.”—Buckmister Fuller


“Ideas seldom jump into the mind from nowhere. If they do, like Leonardo da Vinci’s sketch for a helicopter, they remain science fictions until technological advance makes them seem prescient. Ideas are seeded in frameworks of previous growths and need those same frameworks to flourish.“—John Man


“To sell something surprising, make it familiar; and to sell something familiar, make it surprising.”—Raymond Loewy


“Every time history repeats itself the price goes up.”—Bumper Sticker


“Always remember, others may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself.”—Richard Nixon


“Ideas never survive contact with the real world in their pure form.”—Ben Judah


Simplicity is unforgiving, and it does not lie. This is the reason it is meticulously avoided by the amateur who is more interested in the ideas of simplicity and mastery rather than the honest self-investigation required by their actual process.”—Mercai Macavei (https://twitter.com/mistermircea/status/1022977150868250626?s=09)


“Human nature is everywhere morally ambivalent, the better angels cooing into one ear, their demonic cousins crowing into the other.’—Benjamin Barber

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