Headlines Versus Reality


Or, ‘Primary Sources Versus Editorial Projection’

Among the most perverse problems with our media landscape today is the way stories are filtered down.One network gets a scoop and everyone else rushes in to put their own spin on it when all along you’re best served by sticking to the original source.

Barack Obama’s first long-form interview as a public citizen came out today via the BBC. From the 40 minute audio―which is publicly available―every news network is left to give their own analysis and frame the conversation with their own headline. When, all along, it’d be best for any interested citizen to listen to the exchange for to decide what about the conversation is most relevant to their life.

So please, if you’re interested, take the time to give the interview a listen in-full.

Edit 12/29:

The same can be said about Trump’s recent interview with the New York Times. A scoop that launches a thousand editorials.

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