Get a Job With feedly.

Whenever someone tells me they hate their job or they’re unemployed, I ask for their smartphone and download an app for them called Feedly. I tell them how it works and they nod their head and then don’t use it. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it get a job.

Feedly is an RSS feed, which is basically TiVo for the internet. It eliminates advertising and gathers all updates on your favorite websites into one place. This has many applications, from entertainment to headline news gathering, but for the purpose of this post I’m going to show how to use it to job hunt more effectively.

When you link job search sites to your Feedly account you get updates in real-time about job postings in your city. You can link Craigslist but I prefer Indeed because there are fewer rapists.

Feedly can be used to search for your dream job in a career of your choice or if you simply need something to pay the bills you can easily get something going quickly. It connects desperate employees with desperate employers.

Say you have a background in Restaurant Management:

Copy and paste the Indeed URL into feedly and ‘follow’ the page:
feedly 1
Organize it in a tab explicitly for job notifications:
feedly 2

Viola! You’ll be managing a Twin Peaks in no time.

The advantage this provides is getting notified of new openings IMMEDIATELY. That way, you can be quicker than anyone else submitting your resume into the digital pile that gets ignored by hiring managers everywhere.

One last tip: Indeed has a ‘quick apply’ feature where you upload your resume and you can apply to certain jobs almost instantly. This eliminates the hassle of writing a stupid cover letter.

What are you waiting for? Get a job, you filthy animal!

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