About The Siding Spring

This blog is intended to reflect my boundless curiosity. I was never great at school but enjoy reading about a wide range of topics. History and science especially fascinate me, even though I often have trouble putting their significance into words. Curating this blog will be an education for myself and, hopefully, anyone who reads it.

The title was inspired by the Siding Spring Comet, which was discovered in January 2013 and passed within 86,000 miles of Mars on October 19, 2014. To me, this comet signifies both the pinnacle of mankind’s knowledge and the vast depths that have yet to be explored. Collectively, we know volumes, even while so much remains undiscovered. Of those volumes, only a sliver is knowable to any one of us.

The Siding Spring is my attempt to gather a sliver of that knowledge. Most of the entries are heavily derivative of other people’s work, much like a commonplace book on the open web. That said, credit is given where it’s due and I stand humbly on the shoulders of giants.

Thanks for stopping by,

Dan Hatcher

Popular Topics:

Book Reviews: Honestly, I probably get more out of reviewing books than anybody would reading my reviews. For each book, I type out all the passages I highlighted, include links and definitions to the subjects I’d never heard of, and write a 1-3 paragraph synopsis.

What Is?: In this series, I take a concept and try to briefly describe it and it’s larger significance. Taking a complex topic and then boiling to down to a few key points and describing it succinctly is a difficult but incredibly educational exercise.

Required ReadingThere’s an abundance of fantastic articles freely available on the internet. Everyday, more are written and there’s only time to read a small fraction of them. The most interesting articles I read each week are linked in these posts, along with a brief synopsis and the paragraphs that struck me to be the most critical point of the article.

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